Summer in Boston: Week 2 • 6/14-6/20

Summer Shenanigans: Week 2  • 6/14-6/20

I've summarized my highlights of the past week as well as my meals, so you can get an idea of my cooking/eating plan while living alone. Here’s what went down recently:

Wednesday June 14: The Time In Which Pearl Mixed Her Flour-Dredging, Egg, and Breadcrumb steps into One like a Noob and so her zucchini and eggplant fritters turned into savory pancakes..

breakfast: soba, cold brew

lunch: turkey burger, plaintains, king oyster shrooms, edamame, clementine

dinner: really sad looking eggplant, fail zucchini fritters, chicken breast

late night snack: savory pancake, crepe cake, coffee custard

Thursday June 15: successfully caramelized king oyster shrooms! SABRINA GOT A KITTY

breakfast: quaker’s banana nut protein oats, ½ whey shake, cold brew

lunch: Morning Star Farms veggie burger, eggplant (still sad), sautéed zukes

dinner: chicken, carrots, sautéed plaintains

Friday June 16: Koch’s Convergence of Cancer Research Symposium—spherical nucleic acids are the future, you heard it here first! also, I got caught in the rain boo

breakfast: quaker’s banana protein oats, cold brew

lunch: chicken breast, carrots, oyster shrooms, blondie

dinner: miso egg, cauliflower with queso blanco, chicken breast, bok choy

late night snack: garden herb Triscuits + melted muenster

Saturday June 17: Harvard Square’s Fete de la Musique with Joël, Summerpro workshop #2 (Ashley Chan)

breakfast: whole wheat chocolate chip pancakes, grass green superfood juice, bee pollen granules (yep. commonly used as a garnish for acai bowls, it’s quite yum. i eat them by the teaspoon)

lunch: chicken breast, broccoli, carrots, queso blanco, caramel frappucino (my order: almond milk, less caramel syrup, sub 2 pumps of Frap roast for 2 espresso shots)

dinner: mediocre frozen chicken pot pie, egg, chicken breast, baked eggplant

Sunday June 18: Area4 with Umar, kayaking near Kendall Square, bouldering at Rock Spot

breakfast: homemade “mille-feuille” with Buff Bake almond spread in between, cold brew, whey shake

lunch: whey shake, AreaFour’s Not Pizza (their famous garlic knots aren’t available until 2:30! sad)

dinner: chicken, dr. praeger’s cali veggie burger, sauteed brocc-cauli 

late night snack: natto

Monday June 19: Cooked dinner with Joël

breakfast: wwcc pancake, miso egg, cold brew

lunch: turkey burger, leftover veggies, pomegranate chobani

dinner: salmon, side of warm spinach salad

late night snack: does Pinot Grigio count?

Tuesday June 20: started morning routine of drinking turmeric + lemon + maca water everyday

breakfast: cold brew

lunch: turkey burger, last of the rainbow carrots (finally!), blondie brownie

dinner: soba, chicken, whipped cream, cashew clusters, cherries, 2 eggs