Summer in Boston: Week 3 • 6/21-6/27

I've summarized my highlights of the past week as well as my meals, so you can get an idea of my cooking/eating plan while living alone. Here’s what went down recently:

Wednesday June 21: free squatted 175lb at the gym yee, helped a guy find his housekey in the dark on the sidewalk, and discovered broth rice (aka rice cooked in veggie broth instead of water) as my new favorite thing. TIL locks of love accepts colored hair!

breakfast: banana oats, 1/2 scoop whey in cold brew coffee

lunch: soba, chicken, cantaloupe, berries, vosge’s golden berry + acai chocolate

dinner: soba, chicken, broth rice, dr praeger's veg burger

  • no joke I am having soba & chicken for 5 meals because I’m part of the 2% of the population that doesn’t mind eating the same thing for x days in a row. soba & chicken is DELICIOUS yo

Thursday June 22: Summerpro workshop (James Tan)

breakfast: banana oats, 1/2 scoop whey, cold brew

lunch: soba, chicken, lemon thins 

dinner: soba, chicken, dino nuggets, salmon tail, dried cherries

Friday June 23: saw wonder woman in theaters with joel, we ate some A+ shawarma in the Boston Commons area beforehand

breakfast: egg, whole wheat pancake, cold brew

lunch: TJ’s chili lime chicken burger, broth rice, cashew clusters

dinner: lamb shawarma wrap, apple

Saturday June 24: dim sum with #326 apartment fam, dinner at red's best and ristorante saraceno with lynda, stayed overnight at Royal Sonesta hotel

breakfast: dim sum

lunch: chicken breast, bran muffin from tray of leftovers lying around stata #classicMIT

dinner: lobster roll & raw oysters from Red’s Best at Boston Public Market, the most heavenly roasted lavender limoncello cashews from Q’s Nuts (also at BPM)

Sunday June 25: pho in chinatown with Lynda, bouldering at Rock Spot with rocksquad (the icon for our Messenger groupchat is a geodude and i love it)

breakfast: leftover calamari, whey, cashews 

lunch: pho, roast quail

dinner: grilled pork chop rice

late night snack: homemade sweet potato + kimchi pancake

Monday June 26: didn't do much but i did go to the gym so that's notable i guess

breakfast: whole wheat pancake, whey

lunch: broccoli, sweet potato, brown rice, bulgogi

dinner: chobani, rice burger, bulgogi

Tuesday June 27: picked up 10 library books, had dinner at The Daily Catch with Jenny & Nanxi, and then we grabbed  dessert at Mike's Pastries. (yes we waited 1.5 hours for a table at TDC yes it was worth it)

breakfast: cold brew, whey, 2 eggs

lunch: turkey burger, leftover veggies

dinner: TDC pasta (black squid ink alfredo, linguine alle vongole), calamari

late night snack: chocolate avocado truffles