Summer in Boston: Week 4 • 6/28-7/4

Summer Shenanigans: Week 4 • 6/28-7/4

I've summarized my highlights of the past week as well as my meals, so you can get an idea of my cooking/eating plan while living alone. Here’s what went down recently:

Wednesday June 28: woke up early (!!) to do HIIT before work, cooked salmon dinner for drea & ruben (while I ate pork bc I'm tired of salmon), got milk kefir grains from Angela. I've never met Angela before, but I saw her flyer in the Harvest Co-op about her excess kefir grains so I ripped off a strip of contact info and hit her up :o

breakfast: cold brew, whey, 2 eggs

lunch: turkey burger, salmon skin, austrian biscuits

dinner: Morningstar Farms black bean burger (their entire burger product line is delicious), honey mustard pork, asparagus

Thursday June 29: submitted UROP proposal, tasted my first batch of milk kefir, chatted with Jessie

breakfast: cold brew, whey, 2 eggs

lunch: pork, asparagus, apple, apple cinna chobani, kefir

dinner: salmon skin, whey, broth rice, black bean burger, blackberries

Friday June 30: spent the night in with ADT people, skipped the cambridge dance party because it was raining but should've went cause it was lit according to our IAP Boston Dance fb groupchat

breakfast: cold brew, 2 eggs, stroopwafel, kefir

lunch: honey mustard pork, asparagus, cranberry walnut bread

dinner: grass green, cauli, chicken sausage, crepe cake, pancake, shrimp crackers

Saturday July 1: got burgers at Firebrand Saints with Joel, gave him a tour of MIT's campus, cooked quahogs with linguine for dinner

breakfast: morning lemon water (saved appetite for lunch)

lunch: firebrand saints lamb & sirloin burger, leftover salad

dinner: homemade soondooboo, quahog linguine, Starkist 100-cal tuna salad

Sunday July 2: jogged 4 miles, climbed the purple babies' route (lol) at Rock Spot

breakfast: sourdough raspberry pancakes

lunch: pork and broccoli, almond butter chickpea balls

dinner: sesame oil nori udon, turkey burger

Monday July 3: after the gym ran over to the esplanade and checked out the pre-july 4th boston pops rehearsal

breakfast: leftover salad, cold brew kefir

lunch: cheeseburger sans bun, chocolate cake, green beans 

dinner: turkey burger, broth rice, brocc, pork, whey, bell pepper, chix sausage                              

late night snack: kashi honey almond flax & lucky charms cereal

Tuesday July 4: celebrated 4th of july at skullhouse! many friends, much good food yay

breakfast: turmeric lemon water, 2 eggs

lunch: MS chipotle black bean burger, tortilla chips, pinenut hummus, polish sausage, Andre + gin, potato chips, fudge stripes, mini wheats

dinner: pork, enoki, plum

late night snack: cherries, chocolate avo truffles (a great way to use an ugly brown avocado)