Heya! I'm Pearl. I recently finished my last year at MIT as a biological engineering major and now work in Boston as a consultant. I'm a Jersey girl born and raised (no I don't have an accent like they do on the Jersey Shore). When I'm not busy with work, you can find me at the gym, in the kitchen, or somewhere in a foreign country (36 countries and counting!).

I'm a fan of matcha, dark chocolate, coconut, naps, and the Oxford comma. And Steven Lim's "Worth It" videos (aren't we all?). Because "hate" is a strong word, the only things I strongly dislike are olives and people who travel in packs and clog up the sidewalk.  

Á La Pearl is a place for me to bring together all of my interests under one roof—food, photography, traveling, and documenting events. You'll find everything from restaurant recommendations to poetry to travel videos (coming soon!). 

See ya around!



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