This FAQ is more like “occasionally asked questions + questions that people haven't asked but I like to volunteer information so here goes”

Why The Name "á La Pearl"?

In first grade, my class got brownies á la mode for being well-behaved. I’m very fond of that memory, and very fond of food, so I figured á la pearl was an appropriate name to encompass the mishmosh of themes that I've got going on here. Other blog name candidates include (but are not limited to) "The Adventures of Non-Alcoholic Pearl” (courtesy of my friend Andrea) and "Pearl's World". If you've better ideas, shoot me a message

When did you first start traveling?

My mom likes to tell a story about how I went on my first international family vacation to the Philippines when I was two, and everyone got sick except for me. Hooray for my stellar infant immune system. 

How many countries have you been to?

36!! You can see all the countries I've visited on this nifty map. I am very very fortunate to have grown up with parents that love to travel and have the means to do so. I've picked up other opportunities to travel through school and saving up. Perhaps I'll hit 50 by 50!


What are you doing after graduation?

I'll be bopping around Europe during June-July and then doing a loop through Southeast Asia over the summer before starting work in Boston in September. If I know you and you're also in the area, let's grab food! If I don't know you, reach out and we can still grab food.

What Do you use for your photos?

I shoot with a Canon Rebel T5i + my iPhone X (but older photos will sometimes be from my iPhone 6s). Photos are edited in Lightroom (when I'm not lazy) and/or VSCO.

What Do you use for your layout?

The Rally theme on Squarespace.

Two truths and a lie?

1) I've hugged a baby giant panda.

2) My middle name is Jade.

3) I like olives.