March 2019 Playlist

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Warm Fire Lightning - ninajirachi

  • Dance/Electronic. Played this for two days straight at work while in the zone but also at home while doing chores.

i'm so tired... - Lauv

  • Pop.

Whatever You Choose - GANZ

  • Dance/Electronic. Another of the songs that I played on repeat for two days straight

Playing to Lose (Mezde remix) - Lemaitre

  • Dance/Electronic

shut up - Greyson Chance

  • Pop. Went to his concert in Cambridge. Besides the screaming fans, it was a good time.

Think About You - Ryan Little

  • Lo-fi. Lo-fi music’s been on the rise over the past few years. I’ve been listening to more of it recently.

Work For You ft. Lax Moon - Medasin

  • Dance/Electric. Medasin described his latest album, “Irene”, as “psychedelic elevator music”.

Reason - Cautious Clay

  • R&B/Soul. “Boldly vulnerable and vividly poetic” is how one site described this song.

Timid - Jeebanoff

  • K-Pop. A light-hearted korean pop song for ya. You can find the Korean & Romanticized English lyrics here. And if you want to sing along, here are the phonetic lyrics.

you can find these songs in “monthly faves vol.02” on Spotify, which is oh-so-conveniently located below :) The order is chronologically ascending, with most recent additions at the bottom.