Philippines Day 3: One Million Sardines, Please!

7:58am aaaand we're off! Going to drop off our luggage at our next hotel before driving southeast to Moalboal, today's main point of interest. 

8:17am it's a three hour drive ai

12:11pm we've made it! Lunching by the water in a village somewhere in Moalboal. "If you are not comfortable peeing in the ocean, please go to the bathroom before we board the boat" 

1:56pn en route to Pescador island. MAD HYPED TO SEE SEA TURTLES and a million-strong sardine shoal! gonna attach some photos from Quo Vadis Resort's page since they're a good representation of the kind of boat I was on and what swimming near the sardine run is like. DJ over at The Wandering DJ has specific instructions on how to get to Panagsama Beach in Moalboal as well as higher qual photos & a video! She used Seaquest Dive Center's services like we did.


3:38pm got stung by jellyfish but saw THREE sea turtles so it was totally worth. Not peeing on my sting wounds because 1) it's hard to pee on your own arms and 2) I'm not about to pee on myself when the boat crew's supplied us with a perfectly good alternative–vinegar. 

6:28pm dinner was good–chicken with rice, pizza, and spaghetti. Swimming with the sardines was pretty cool, there must've been more than a million of them in the water with us. 

8:40pm tried to not fall asleep but the hour and a half drive to our hotel in Oslob was quite monotonous. I'm surprised I was able to snooze though; everything that goes bump in the night must've lied on that road cause it felt like I was playing a game of Popcorn on a trampoline. 

10:35pm "it's 2017, we don't need to pack a voltage converter," said momma lee. tell that to the hair dryer that blew up in my face because it couldn't handle 220V... #riphairdryer

12:13am momma lee subscribes to the asian equivalent of a tabloid and it sends headlines to her Line chat account, so I've nicknamed her pieces of news "momma lee daily mail alerts". today: "a supermodel in Singapore passed away in the hospital after getting a headache while out at karaoke with her friends. be careful, meimei, don't get too crazy when you go out." g'night folks.