Saison: My First 3 Michelin Star Dinner

With twelve courses for $398, a meal at Saison is an investment into an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Most patrons were here to celebrate an anniversary, but I had the wonderfully good fortune to be treated by a family friend just because. pls excuse the blurriness in some photos—I was shooting at very low shutter speeds because the restaurant was dimly lit. gotta love those *romantic candlelit dinner* vibes

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My favorites of the night were the semi-raw prawns, uni on sourdough, honey butter biscuit accompaniment, and smoked ice cream. 11/10. Would save up to come here again in several years.

Joseph Weaver, our dining captain, takes spectacular behind-the-scenes photos at Saison, and his instagram page is equally delightful.

For more info about Saison, check out their page.