August 2018 Playlist

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Tequilawine - Olivia O’Brien

  • Pop. “I’mma mix these drinks till you’re out of focus, so I don’t even notice” Note: I don’t condone mixing tequila with wine.

Dear Sense - Louis The Child

  • Dancey, electronic. Louis The Child is one of my favorite artists, so you’ll see their songs pop up continually in my monthly faves.

Not Always - Ama Lou

Genius ft. Diplo, Labrinth - Sia

  • Pop. This is the first ever track by LSD, a supergroup comprised of Labrinth, Diplo, and Sia. I had two other tracks on their debut album, Thunderclouds & Audio, on repeat this month, too. Strong woman struttin’ down the street vibes.

Mindfvck - Ghita

  • Pop. One of those kinds of songs that are fun to interpretative-dance to and belt the handful of lines of lyrics that I know.

The Ringer - Eminem

  • Rap. Eminem dropped a new album with zero advance notice—his first new release since 2017’s LP Revival. This is the first track; it’s worth a listen.


you can find these songs in “monthly faves vol.01” on Spotify, which is oh-so-conveniently located below :)