September 2018 Playlist

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less songs than usual, but I played each of these at least 50 times this month

Better Now - Post Malone

  • Hip-hop/rap. I’ve noticed that I either listen to this while I’m working or when I’m feeling sentimental, thinking about those in my life that have come and gone.

Seminole - NoMBe

  • Chill dance/electronic. The lyrics are about a member of the Seminole tribe who was presumably displaced by the Indian Removal Act passed by Andrew Jackson (throwin’ it back to AP US History class).

Say My Name - Tove Stryke

  • There’s always at least one pop song in my monthly faves :) You ever associate a song with a specific person? This is one of those.

Body - Loud Luxury

  •  Dance/electronic. I like to bump this in the mornings when I wake up or while I’m in the kitchen.

you can find these songs in “monthly faves vol.01” on Spotify, which is oh-so-conveniently located below :)