December 2018 Playlist

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Cold War - Cautious Clay

Slow Dancing In The Dark - Joji

  • Hip hop lo-fi, with electronic R&B vibes. One of my new favorite artists of the season. Perfect music for unwinding.

Midsummer Madness ft. Joji, Rich Brian, Higher Brothers - 88Rising

  • Hip hop/R&B. The aforementioned Joji is featured in this track, and the Higher Brothers rap a few lines in Chinese—-absolute gold. For fun, I looked up HB’s other songs and the lyrics to Made in China are hilarious: “My chains, new gold watch, made in China…The responsibility I feel is like the Chinese national team winning respect in swimming…My lyrics are so great / I was Li Bai in a past life”

Baby Blue - Rence

  • Alternative pop with R&B vibes. Good late night song.

LO - Saint Clare

  • Indie pop with a future bass line. Faintly reminds me of Imagine Dragons.

Blackjack - Amine

  • Alternative hip-hop. My friends Aubrey and Anthony came up with choreo for this track during MIT Dancetroupe’s finals week workshop. Love.

Never Not - Lauv

  • Pop. Listening to this song while walking home alone in the evening will make you really sentimental, can confirm. Hayley came up with some beautiful choreo for this during her finals week workshop.

Best Part ft. H.E.R. - Daniel Caesar

  • R&B/Soul. Airy vocals, light guitar line. Woke up one day and had this stuck in my head.

you can find these songs in “monthly faves vol.01” on Spotify, which is oh-so-conveniently located below :) The order is chronologically ascending, with most recent additions at the bottom.