Summer Resolutions 2k17

New Year’s resolutions are made to be broken, amirite? The thing about New Year’s resolutions is that schoolwork and academic commitments get in the way. I think summer resolutions are way more achievable. Here’s a peek at what I hope to accomplish this summer:

- run to lab everyday!

EDIT: lol jk, I made that resolution when I considered living across the river from campus, a 30 minute walk away from work. Thankfully, I am actually living 15 min from the Koch. Much much appreciated when it’s 80 degrees out.

- lift three times a week

- as of now, I can squat 165 lbs, deadlift 115, benchpress 115, and overhead press 30.

- start a blog and maintain it(!!!)

- cook lots of yummy new recipes

- resume doing nail art

- attend dance workshops

- prep for consulting interviews in the fall

- stitch and sync to music the 19284 video clips I’ve taken of my vacations since summer 2015

- get abs