Summer in Boston: Week 1 • 6/7-6/13

Summer Shenanigans: Week 1

Today, and for the rest of the summer, I’ll post a summary of my meals as well as any notable highlights of the past week that I didn’t get to write about individually. Since I love to cook and happen to live across the street from Shaw’s/Star Market and HMart this summer (and have access to a Costco courtesy of my little’s car rental prowess) I’ve vowed to cook as many meals as I can at home. Hopefully, as I post more recipes (both original and adapted from others’ online), y’all can try them out at home and bask in the tasty glory of your culinary accomplishments.

Wednesday June 07: lots of grocery shopping, went to the gym

breakfast: gluten-free banana coconut pancakes

lunch: whey isolate shake (my top two brands are Optimum nutrition and Muscle Milk), special k granola bar

dinner: honey mustard pork (my go-to marinade for poultry and pork is honey + mustard), sautéed sweet plaintains

late night snack: homemade parmesan carrot fries

Thursday June 08: checked out SoMA art galleries with Andrea and Ruben

breakfast: half a berry bagel topped with Buff Bake snickerdoodle almond butter, chia seeds, and powdered pb

lunch: honey mustard pork, sautéed bell peppers

dinner: ground turkey with minced onions, baby bok choy

Friday June 9: had EHS training for my UROP at the Koch (Belcher lab), gymmed

breakfast: half berry bagel + Buff Bake snickerdoodle almond butter

lunch: whey shake, sautéed sweet plaintains, baby bok choy

dinner: honey mustard pork, parmesan carrot fries

Wings made her first grilled cheese! will we have a #transformationtuesday of her grilled cheese-making skills at the end of the summer??

Saturday June 10: pride parade, rock climbing at Rock Spot, first SummerPro workshop (Lingling Ou) 

breakfast: overnight “oats” made with brown rice, banana coconut pancake

lunch: packed ground turkey leftovers to eat at the parade, bought an arepa, and had beef jerky as a snack cause we went bouldering right after the pride parade

dinner: chicken breast, broccoli

Sunday June 11: raided BC’s fridges cause everyone's moved out and there's a lot of unopened food left behind #suitescavenging

breakfast: French toast, sautéed sweet plaintains (will I ever run out of plaintains who knows)

lunch: chicken breast...and reddi whip (i came across a can of reddit whip as I pilfered the kitchens mmm real cream with natural and artificial flavors)

dinner: turkey burger, cheez its (I’m slowly coming around to the original flavor, but parmesan is still the best, hands down)

late night snack: edamame, veggie patty (working out makes me ravenous)

Monday June 12: first day of my UROP at Belcher Lab in the Koch Institute, more #suitescavenging after lab

breakfast: banana coconut pancake

lunch: chicken breast, bell peppers, broccoli, plantains, kind bar

dinner: siggi’s yogurt , soba, chicken breast

late night snack: sliced king oyster shrooms (sautéed in sesame oil mm), bok choy

Tuesday June 13: Happy birthday Cristal! also notable: I unknowingly tried to return frozen eggs back at Shaw’s -.-‘ the cashier thought I was playing dumb but I truly had no idea that our fridge froze my eggs :(

breakfast: banana pancake, layered chia pudding

lunch: TJ’s chicken chili lime burger, soba

dinner: turkey burger, TJ cinnamon squares, whipped cream (no shame)